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Concrete Lifting

Concrete settles for several reasons:

processbeforecheck-boxPoorly compacted earth

check-boxImproper flow of water

check-boxNatural springs

check-boxLines dug for sprinklers

check-boxLines dug for cables

check-boxNew water or sewer lines


Concrete Lifting Company is the best solution to overcome hazards and structural problems created by settling concrete.

For years people have had to deal with these hazards or else go through the tremendous expense of replacing the troubled areas.

CLC is able to solve this problem for you.

Our special methods and equipment can leave your concrete properly lifted and stabilized, providing a long term solution, restoring your concrete to it’s original functionality.

The process for Concrete Lifting?

( Also known as mud jacking, slab jacking, concrete leveling, slab leveling, pressure grouting ) you can call it whatever you want! It will still give you the same outcome!

Concrete lifting is a process that raises sunken-concrete back to it’s original level.

1We do this by drilling 1 1/2″ holes through the top surface of the concrete slab in strategic locations.

2Then under hydraulic pressure, pump a flowing cement grout through the drilled holes. When the void under the concrete is filled with the concrete mixture, the concrete will raise. We do this until it’s back to the proper height, grade and alignment with the surrounding concrete slabs.

3Then the holes are filled with a non-shrinking concrete mixture.

4Then we take extreme care to clean up completely and make sure you are completely satisfied with the job.

As soon as it’s done, it’s ready to use!

Concrete Lifting FAQS

What type of areas can be lifted and stabilized?


check-boxCurb and gutter

check-boxPool decks

check-boxGarage floors


check-boxTrip hazards




check-boxRV and hot tub pads




check-boxFactory floors

check-boxOffice floors

check-boxAnd so much more!

Void filling can also be performed for stabilization and to fill holes caused by animals, sprinkler drainage problems or soil erosion.

Advantages of Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is financially affordable. The cost is only a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Concrete lifting is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective.
It usually takes hours instead of days to complete the repair.
There is little disruption of the surrounding landscape. Concrete lifting is usually a permanent fix to many concrete problems.
Eliminates many problems, especially trip hazards.

What Are The Savings Over Concrete  Replacement?

Concrete lifting is economical, costs a fraction of replacement, and minimally affects landscaping.
Concrete lifting provides an economical alternative to replacing concrete that is sinking or cracking.
When the concrete lifting is complete, the concrete slab will be restored to its proper height, pitch, and grade.
We highly recommend sealing control joints, and cracks. To prevent future erosion and get more life out of your concrete!

We provide a warranty with our work!

CLC  provides a 2 year warranty against re-settling. If the problem is the result of drainage issues, it is important that those issues be addressed as it can void the warranty. We will happily consult with the home owner or business owner as to remedies. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies by size, condition, and amount the concrete has fallen. CLC provides free, no hassle, no pressure estimates.

Foundation Repair Services

foundation-repairStop the damaging effects of foundation settling! Concrete Lifting Company in Utah and Colorado also offers foundation repair services. Over 250,000 homeowners experience uneven floors, cracked walls, or sinking foundations each year. When foundations are subjected to extreme moisture or lack proper drainage, the soil becomes unstable and the foundation shifts. This shifting can severely damage your home.

Indications of foundation settling problems that require repair include:

  • Foundation walls that are buckled or bowed
  • Doors and windows that stick or don’t open properly
  • Cracks in foundation walls
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  • Sunken or buckled interior concrete floors

Foundation Repair Procedure

Following the plan of repair, the contractor will excavate down to the footing at each helical pile location. A notch will be chipped out of the footing to accommodate a support bracket. A high-torque hydraulic drive head will screw the helical piles into stable subsoil until the prescribed depth is reached. A steel L-shaped bracket placed on top of each helical pile shaft will connect to the base of the foundation wall. The weight of your house then will be transferred to the helical pile foundation system by an established procedure of hydraulic jacking and adjust to the brackets. Finally, all excavation will be back-filled.

Pre-Construction Pressure Grout Micro-Piling

Pre-construction micro piles increase the value of a new home or building them during construction, preventing downward settlement of heaving before it starts. By monitoring hydraulic pressure, micro-piles are load tested as they are installed. Pre-construction micro-piles are easy and cost-effective to install. The capacity of each pile is accurately measuring using installation torque and can be installed under any weather condition. Micro-piles are a good option when an addition to an existing structure is desired. The Field work for a typical house can be done in 1-2 days.

Micro-piles are small diameter piles, typically 2-6 inches in diameter, which can be installed in almost any type of soil where piles are needed. In areas where conventional methods cannot be used such as restricted access or low headroom areas, micro-piles are a good solution and are appropriated for a wide range of ground conditions.

Every project will have different soil and load requirements, so a range of micro pile solutions is necessary. We offer a variety of solutions most appropriate for each situation.

When building your new home, castle, commercial build or whatever you have in mind, we highly recommend that you take the time and spend the money to have a Geotechnical Engineering report completed for you building site. We will be more than happy to provide you a list of Geotechnical Engineers that will be able to meet your needs.

We install micro-piles for new construction or retrofitting with an existing foundation. Micro piles can be used in soil or bedrock and cause little disturbance to existing structures, soil and the surrounding environment.


  • Can be used in tension and compression
  • Micro-piles can be used in virtually and ground condition
  • Minimal vibration
  • Minimal space requirements for installation
  • Installation technique adapts well to awkward shapes
  • High grout pressures can be achieved
  • Improved anchoring capacities and reduced settlement
  • Minimum grout cover, maximum corrosion protection
  • Higher shear resistance than a solid rod of same cross-section
  • Very economical
  • Can be used as a ground improvement pile without a physical connection to the foundation
Please take the advice of a foundation repair contractor, it will be worth your investment.

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